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Please refer to the list below for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.  If you cannot find the answer to your query here, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email via the form on our contact page.


Are you owned by Golden Circle/Heinz Australia?

No.  We are a privately owned company run by the Corboy family.  We have a contract with Golden Circle/Heinz to sell their products but otherwise we are not affiliated. For details of how to contact Golden Circle/Heinz, please see the useful links on our contact page.


Do you only sell Golden Circle branded products?

No.  Approximately 30% of the products we sell are Golden Circle branded.  The other 70% is made up of a variety of brands including Cadbury, Nestle, Lipton, Arnott's, Sunrice, McCain's, Greenseas and Weight Watchers.


Do you carry the entire Golden Circle/Heinz range?

We endeavour to provide as much of their product as possible however this is subject to what products they have available to us.


Are there any other Golden Circle Factory Outlet stores?

Currently there is only the one store in Capalaba.  However we do provide a select range of products for sale through Patton's Big Gun Butcher at their Robinson Road Aspley store.


Can I still purchase products at the Northgate Factory store?

No.  The Northgate store was closed in 2009 and was owned by Golden Circle/Heinz, not by us.


Do you sell Golden Circle Pineapple Jam and Golden Circle Sliced Cucumbers?

We have never sold these products in our store and to the best of our knowledge, these products are no longer being made by Golden Circle/Heinz.  For more information regarding these products, please contact Golden Circle /Heinz on 07 3266 0000.


Is everything you sell past its use by date?

No.  Some of our products are short dated, however we do not sell any products that are past their use by date.  There is a very small designated section in our store for products that are past their best before date which are still safe to consume but are at their best quality before this date. 


Why is a product I bought last week not available this week?

GCFO is a clearance store.  This means the products we sell have been sourced from companies due to over production, short date, dinted cans or the product is no longer being marketed.  Therefore the availability will vary, meaning once we have sold out of a product, we may not be able to source that product again for some time.


Can I order online?

We currently do not have online ordering facilities?


How do I gain employment with Golden Circle Factory Outlet?

We have a small but stable workforce of approximately 26 employees who are committed to providing quality customer service to all our valued customers. Open positions are rarely available but those interested in gaining future employment with our store may forward their resume via post or email to:

David Eggins
Floor Manager
P.O. Box 813
Capalaba Qld 4157

Email: david@gcfo.com.au

Resumes will be kept on file for 3 months.